The science of SOUNDs is all about the alchemy of formless to form; low frequency to high frequency and from chaos to others.  We are born on Planet Earth which is a materialistic world, where all beings can travel. The evolved beings from the higher dimensions will come down to spread the cosmic truths by their unconditional love here for all beings to be enlightened.

Planet Earth is the place every soul should travel to access higher dimensions.  Mother Earth nourishes all beings here by all Her extensions such as food, air, water.  Everything on Planet Earth is a part of Mother Earth to express Her tremendous love and compassion.  Different minerals crystallised into different types of crystals and gemstones which is the storage of intense Mother Earth's energy. Therefore, applying crystals and gemstones properly can remove one's energy blocks, raise up individual consciousness and invoke inner powers.   Crystals and gemstones can also be used to cleanse the surrounding energy that supports one's spiritual growth.

What is Sonic Alchemy?

Everything is formed by five great elements (Maha pancha bhootas): Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space.  There are five different frequencies that may not be heard by normal human ears.  Everything has its frequency, just like crystal radiating its unique frequency which is about Mother Earth's energy.  Sonic Alchemy is the applied spiritual science of using crystals and gemstones that can help in tuning the individual energy field on body, mind and also specific applications such as  well-being and success in life so that one can experience the abundance of Mother Earth.

Crystals are from the Earth element which help us to connect with Mother Earth. Wearing suitable crystals jewelry is like the permission given by Mother Earth that allows the Divine to work on you all the time.



A bracelet with energised crystals for protection

Wear the energized bracelet Orbit all the time when you are outside, then you are protected from all the negativities, including evil energy.  At the same time, you will have the intelligence to be aware of negative energy that affects you.

Energised Gemstones

Tuned by Nada Brahma



Your microcosm that works for your accomplishments

The word Galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), which is composed of stars and different matters. It is visually elliptical, spiral or irregular, with a supermassive black hole in the center. The Galaxy series is a tailor-made energy field which is based on your personal needs. It can be placed at home or at workplace to general energy to support your achievements in 24/7.

Energised Gemstones

Tuned by Nada Brahma