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PKHY 親子在家瑜伽

Parents Kids Home YOGA (PKHY)


Ma Durga shared with us her journey in becoming a yoga teacher and how the PKHY project was born. Her story moved me and I could see her LIFE energy in all the trainings she gave us. At the end of today’s session, I asked her how to put LIFE into PKHY, she answered that we need to hold a space of enriching others, constantly sharing and expanding. It is also a way to enrich ourselves. When we gave, more will be showered, currency is current, not dead in the bank. The way to experience the deeper and higher level of Yoga is to share its science with others.After hearing Ma Durga’s answer, the next question came inside me - how can I infuse my LIFE to it? Quickly, the answer came inside me - when I start do it, then I will know how, that is no use in imagining now.

— Crystal, Hong Kong

MLKYTT 瑜伽導師課程

Mothers LOVE Kids

Yoga Teacher Training (MLKYTT)

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In the training, we covered about the water-based patterns. It is to awaken our body intelligence to move the body from within to without. The training let me experience the powerfulness of breathing. I moved my body along with the breath, and integrate with it. It makes the movements become gentle and smooth.

Yielding is also related to breathing. Breathing out to send the weight to the mother earth and wait for rebound force to extend the body. I felt more comfortable and relaxed when I was doing the backbend poses in Surya Namaskar. Combing what I learnt in this module, I got different and deeper experience in doing Surya Namaskar. Now I am more aware of my body tension and know how to stretch and release it. I also learned how to cooperate with my organs to move and twist my body deeper. I raised my yoga experience into next level and now I start knowing how to listen my own body.

In the whole training, I found out that sometimes my core is not strong enough to hold my body. The pose, Chaturanga Dandasana required strength in the arms. Sometimes my arms were unable to hold my body before the sequencing the body to come down. I practiced a few times more and I found the importance of yielding. Yielding can give the energy both to the core and arms to finish the sequence. And also the crow pose, I am able to hold the pose longer than before. Many breakthroughs happened during these 10 days.

After training, my dance and my body movement become different. My body will have different expressions and different movements. I enjoy dancing more and more and enjoy to dance without mind and let my body dance. I will explore more dance movements and train my body to let me able to express as I want. I am lucky to find a student recently who wants to have a breakthrough in body flexibility and dance. Let’s see if I can do the teaching practicum with her and explore body and dance together.

— Crystal, Hong Kong

After Module #1

Yoga Nidra 瑜伽睡眠

SOUNDs Healing

with Yoga Nidra


If you don’t know what it is like to be completely relaxed or still or how to get to that state, I would recommend that you attend Siew Yong’s Yoga Nidra workshop ‘Art of Conscious Relaxation and Transformation’. She was able, with yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided meditation to put me in such a relaxed state that I felt such fantastic calm and peace and bliss which I could only feel in a very good meditation session on my own which is rare. In one workshop, I even had visions of a past life. Once your experience that kind of bliss and stillness, you will realise how little of that you have in your life and that you truly need to do something to change the way you live your live!

— Lee Kim Kee, Singapore

Exp Yr Divinity 經歷您的神聖



I never thought of a human being could be divine. It was just intriguing to know. Before we started any movement, we were asked how we feel at our inner space. I spontaneously felt a flower blossomed at the centre of my body and a bird was chirping in tranquility. The whole space inside me was peaceful and abundant.At the end of the session, we were asked to draw our own mandala, expressing how we felt again. I felt energy was radiating from the centre of my body in darkness and there was more energy fuelling beneath me. It seemed that I have unlocked my energy centre!

—Jane Lee, Hong Kong

BYD 打破你的設計




Since I decided to participate 21-Day “Break Your Design” coaching program by SPA, Ma Durga, Chook and Camus had been very kind and patient in helping me to break my old unconscious patterns and habits.  I experienced a lot of breakthroughs in my daily life and I observed the changes during and after the program. This whole coaching program was designed  with 3 components: Yoga, Sounds healing and Light. Through YOGA, the daily morning you routine helped me to find my passion and joy. It helped to build up a strong body system in me. SOUNDS healing by Chook was really impressive to me because it was specially tailored for me which was very powerful and I experienced deep healing. Every time when I listened to her SOUNDS healing, I could feel the healing energy around my chakras getting cleansed and healed. The most amazing result was the opening of my voice again after her session. The LIGHT exercise which Camus developed for me was very fun, though the exercise looked simple but very subtle. I feel more empowered, creative and alive again after this process! I highly recommend the Break Your Design program if you really want a breakthrough in personal transformation and to learn how to fly again! 

— Yue Ying, China

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