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The Beginner Series

Activity Pack

This program caters to 3 age bands.
Content will have the breadth and depth to cater to the cognitive development of children 

Age 4-6


1-1.5 hour

Body intelligence, Power of listening, visualization & Creative expression

Age 7-10


2-2.5 hour

Body intelligence, Power of listening, visualization & verbalisation, Self-exploration

Age 11-13


3-4 hour

Body intelligence, Power of listening, visualization & verbalisation, Self-study & Communion

Beginners Series comprises 4 areas:



Creative Activities

Ganesha 02.jpeg


Components of PKHY home-schooling program

Week 1 - Trial

Feeling Connection

Week 2-4

Module 1

Feeling Connection

Week 5-8

Module 2

Visualization is 

Real Power

Week 9-12

Module 3


* 1 FREE

LIGHT Reading

Week 13-16

Module 4


* 1 Special FREE Session by Acharyas on clay-making of Ganesha & experience of Nithyata (Space of Eternity)

Sign up as a member to enjoy 1-week trial lesson plan

You are entitled to:

  • Orientation training for parents: 2-hr orientation 

  • Trial: 1-week Parent’s Guide for “Feeling Connection” module


After the 1-week trial, if you decide to proceed with the rest of the modules, you can purchase by modules.

  • Module 1 “Feeling Connection”: 2nd to 4th week Parent’s Guide including books, e-forms, comics, sound tracks and weekly parent session

  • Module 2 “Visualization is REAL Power”: 5th to 8th week Parent’s Guide

  • Module 3 “Self-exploration”: 9th to 12th week Parent’s Guide with 1 LIGHT reading session

  • Module 4 “Communion”: 13th to 16th week Parent’s Guide with 1 special session on Lord Ganesha with PKHY teachers


Note: A PKHY support group will be created where customer services are provided throughout the valid period on e-platform


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